All security projects require some element of design no matter how they’re procured.  SiteSecure is uniquely qualified as a design Engineer, General Contractor and Electrical Contractor to take your security improvement project from concept to completion.  From physical security improvements like site work and fencing to lighting and structured cabling, SiteSecure can contract and manage the entire project from permitting to final demonstration testing.

The Design-Build process has a number of specific advantages:

Document Control – with design and construction taking place with a single firm, the number of entities possessing specific knowledge of your security infrastructure is dramatically reduced.  This means that the details of the security improvements are less likely to be compromised.

Project Scheduling – the turnaround time from concept to construction is much shorter since fewer parties are involved in the system design.

Cost Control – since the designer is also the installer and integrator, we know the hardware and software being deployed better than traditional design engineers.  That means that we know how much it costs to implement the solutions and the specific benefits and limitations.

Design Management – with the operation and maintenance of the system in mind, we can help the end user select the features that are most functional and easiest and least expensive to maintain