Our Markets

Solutions, Not Products

Video Surveillance and Identity Management technologies are changing the way we manage threats. IP-centric architectures can put important video in the hands of first responders and video analytic software can reduce search time from hours to minutes. Analog systems have become liabilities that provide a false sense of real time security. New deployments and retrofits are moving quickly to leverage these new tools. SiteSecure understands the technologies and the threats.

SiteSecure will bridge the gap between Security and IT departments to get a system that meets the expectations of all stake holders. Our organization can provide entry level and comprehensive systems and road maps for many environments, including those listed below.



Document and Secure Your Compliance

Healthcare requirements are changing and continue to evolve in the world of physical and digital security. Although unique, they are intertwined in their structure. Video documentation of ingress and egress activity can be the single most valuable piece of information you have internally to demonstrate compliance. The correlation of video data with access control information can create defining proof in most situations.


Better Security Engineered From the Start

Rail yards are increasingly of concern to local and federal authorities.  Easy access is required to train stops to keep trains moving on time. Rail container yards are faced with unique operational and safety challenges.  But new OCR and video technologies can enhance the operation of these complex facilities with many moving parts.  Technology can impact security at many levels and analytic assistance from these technology can help infield personnel get ahead of potential risks, with little or no training.


More Eyes to Guard Your Merchandise

The Enterprise is aggressively moving to leverage the power of “Anytime, anywhere, any video” IP-centric technology to improve both Security and Operations. Centralizing security operations in central or regional locations allows around the clock observation of high value assets and personnel. Federated System Operations can now “visit” remote or franchise operations on the hour rather than once a week.



One Hostile Environment, Many Security Solutions

Ports are highly vulnerable facilities. Threats are present from both land and sea. Personnel and vehicular traffic are high and containers make the environment less than ideal for security. Technology can impact security at many levels and help achieve compliance with the federal government’s TWIC access control program.

Utility Facilities

The Power To Secure Infrastructure

Waste Water Treatment, power plants, chemical facilities, national monuments, pipelines, pumping stations have one thing in common. High exposure. Standard video, long range video, thermal imaging and radar can dramatically improve response time to points of vulnerability. Correlated alert information keeps security personnel ahead of the problem and creates strong documentation to validate adherence to procedures.


There is No Such Thing As Too Much Security

Today’s airport security personnel need more than cameras.  They need force multiplying technologies that reduce response time, filter through hours of video intelligently and alert on suspicious activity.  Managing the exceptions rather than responding to every piece of information as it arises will change the security dynamic immediately.


Higher Education

Document and Secure Your Compliance

Higher Education requirements are changing and continue to evolve in the world of physical and digital security. Although unique, they are intertwined in their structure. Records and accessibility are growing digitally every day. But legacy records and access to these records, containing students personal information, create digital challenges for education facilities.

Correctional Institutions

When The Threats Are On The Inside

Correctional facilities face a whole new class of threats. No longer is the fight restricted to the streets. Now it comes in all shapes and sizes. Jails need integrated systems to manage threats through thorough identification and inmate checks, sally port checks, and perimeter video inspections.

Law Enforcement

In a World of Compromise, We Don't

Every state and local government faces similar challenges; service expectations increase, budgets decrease and manpower is more scarce this year than last year.  On top of that, you are often asked to blend new technology with aging legacy systems, into a single, easy to manage set of services that meet the needs of the end users.  With all of these obstacles to overcome, strong business partnerships are more important than ever before.