Get An SLA from SiteSecure

and Sleep Well Tonight

Today's IP based security systems operate at peak performance when routine scheduled maintenance and service is provided. Today most professional grade end products (Cameras, Card Readers, Door Locks, POE Switches, and Servers etc.) typically have a multi-year warranty period. The manufacturers warranty does not include preventative maintenance nor does it account for lens cleaning, software/firmware upgrades or software support maintenance. SiteSecure realizes customers who utilize a properly designed maintenance program for their technology investments have far fewer performance issues and have a lower total cost of ownership. Our service is based on various levels of support ranging from Basic to Standard and Premium. Each service level offers the basic attributes associated with Today's IP technologies.

The Premium Plan allows SiteSecure to shoulder the risk for the equipment. As such, we virtually eliminate the customers risk and still remain a great value.

The Standard Plan allows the customer to share the risk with SiteSecure. As such, the plan offers various features to lower the risk at an affordable price.

SiteSecure developed the Basic Plan for the customer who wants to have minimal coverage and a path to get service on a time and material basis. This plan assumes the customer take on all risk of the field devices and software.

Non-Emergency Service Requests:

All non-emergency service requests are handled by staff during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.

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