We get IT

The convergence of physical security and Information Technology has mandated the evolution of a new breed of Integrator.  SiteSecure is that integrator because we’ve been working with network-based CCTV and Access Control solutions from Day One.  We are a team of IT professionals with specific skills in the security industry that specializes in the deployment of IP-Based based solutions.  We understand the network ecosystem from the camera or card reader, to the servers, storage and workstations all the way to the mobile device.

We are accustomed to working with the enterprise IT team and all of the responsibilities and complications that go with it.  We have experienced and understand the challenges that go with large teams with diverse platforms and the political issues associated with them.  Understanding that the typical Enterprise client will not allow an integrator to deploy a separate physical network for security and the cost associated with it, we understand how to support you in the deployment of Enterprise Class security solutions on your managed network.  We can support you in the management of the software in your existing virtual server environment and we can deploy very large NAS/SAN storage solutions from a few Terabytes to several Petabytes.