Who We Are

Jim Fairbanks

SiteSecure, formerly a subsidiary of Wharton-Smith Construction Group, was acquired by Miller Electric Company (www.mecojax.com) in October of 2014. Blending the resources of Miller Electric with the experience of SiteSecure expands the capabilities of the team to include all manner of structured cabling and electrical infrastructure improvements. Under the leadership of David Stallings, RCDD, Vice President and Manager of Miller Integrated Systems, SiteSecure's President, Jim Fairbanks manages the MECO security solutions. 

Andy and Craig Bowman support a growing team of Project Managers (formerly known as Account Managers) with solution design and system architecture. Building on the SiteSecure offices located in Sanford, Tampa and Deerfield Beach, FL as well as Houston, TX, the security solutions business will be expanded to include other Miller Electric regional office locations (www.mecojax.com/locations-offices/locations). Leveraging the knowledge base of the SiteSecure networking team also enables the continued growth and development of the Miller Critical Infrastructure Solutions (www.millercis.com) business. The expanded team provides more resources for the design, optimization, maintenance and monitoring of the critical infrastructure.

Our customer-centric approach is different - we listen to the customer, evaluate the need, engineer and design the solution, and then offer a responsible proposal that makes sense. SiteSecure is budget driven but never to the detriment of the system or project. Our organization offers the lowest cost of ownership when considering the cost of initial installation, system maintenance & service over the useful life of the technology / systems. We want to build lasting relationships with our customers based on our performance as a company and the systems we deploy.

This department is responsible for the technical documentation required for a seamless installation. They also provide mock-up and demonstration capabilities that allow us to pre-configure new equipment prior to first project deployment. It is important for you, and us, to know the systems are functioning before the hardware is deployed in the field.

Our principal customer base consists of municipal government (includes cities, counties, and utilities), law enforcement facilities, airports, and higher education.

We specialize in multi-building and multi-campus environments in which we leverage the customer’s existing Ethernet network infrastructure to unify their security systems. We have successfully implemented large-scale access control and video systems for Seminole County, the Cities of Sanford, Palm Coast, St. Cloud, Cocoa, Tampa and Cape Coral.

Some of our college references include St. Leo University, Hillsborough Community College, Rollins College, Stetson University, Indian River State College and Brevard Community College. We are intimately familiar with the complexities of working with multiple departments on a project deployment.

Our success with these agencies originates with our philosophy. Our goal is (and has always been) to convert proprietary systems to non-proprietary and as a result do not require support by the Integrator. Our delivery model includes non-proprietary access controllers and IP cameras. The video management and access control software can either be installed on customer-provided commercial server and workstation hardware, or, on equipment included in our proposed scope of work and proposals.

The network devices are connected to customer-provided (or approved) POE network switches that expand their existing TCP/IP network. This concept allows the customer to combine the support and warranty agreements for the new hardware with their existing PC infrastructure, thereby eliminating the need to contact SiteSecure for simple network and computer hardware repairs. In most cases, the conventional PC and network hardware is supported by a Dell or Cisco service agreement, not a SiteSecure agreement.

Our core belief in a non-proprietary model enables end users to support themselves, to the extent that they are comfortable doing so. This why we are a trusted partner and continue to grow relationships throughout Florida. Thank you for the opportunity for us to share our philosophy and business acumen. We look forward to working with you in the near future.