Less cost and congestion. More performance and trust.

The deployment of video surveillance equipment does not have to be limited to those areas with traditional power and network connectivity.  The use of wireless technology can expand the reach of your system into areas previously ignored or considered impossible.  Combine wireless (3G/4G mobile broadband) with alternative power technologies and you can install feature-rich video surveillance virtually anywhere.

Wireless solutions, when properly designed and deployed, provide nearly the same bandwidth and reliability as cabled networks at a fraction of the cost.  Large, enterprise wireless networks deployed in support of city-wide surveillance are more common than ever because:

  • Systems can be deployed and commissioned in a matter of days depending on the size and complexity
  • Quality deployments have very high system performance, reliability, and remote management capability
  • Flexible system architecture

SiteSecure's team consists of professionals with 50+ years of experience in the wireless industry.  Combine that with one of the most capable groups of IP physical security systems professionals in the Southeast US and you have a recipe for success.  Our personnel have designed, deployed and, or managed the construction of large city-wide projects supporting technologies like Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR), pan-tilt-zoom HDTV surveillance cameras and intelligent video analytics for intrusion detection.